INP Hybrid line

INP Hybrid line

Electrical submersible pump for oil wells
Stages material: polymer and Ni-Resist alloy

The scaling process reduces the flowline and causes early failure of entire ESP system.

INP Hybrid series submersible pump is our response to high-corrosive fluids and mineral deposition (or scaling) on metallic surface. Especially in high water cut and high viscosity fluid.

Here you can see the scaling size on metal stages after 180 operation days in operation days in a scale-forming oil well

The diffuser inner surface and impeller flow paths are all covered with mineral deposits

So we designed and patented our solution – INP Hybrid with polymer stages.
The unique material delivers high acid- corrosion- gas- resistance together with a metal-like strength, it demonstrates steady operation at temperatures up to 270 °C

INP Hybrid stays clean after long exposure to extreme environment.
Clean polymer surface of impeller
Heavy salts deposits on the metal surface
Clean polymer flow paths
Along with inhibition, Regular INP Hybrid extends pump service life up to 73 %
Polymer impeller
Ni-Resist diffuser
Ni-Resist diffuser flow paths
Requires minimum inhibition or other chemical treatment to operate without clogging
Polymer impeller
Ni-Resist diffuser case
Polymer diffuser flow paths
Requires none inhibition, no scale build-up
Polymer impeller
Polymer diffuser flow paths and inner polymer lining

In extensive field operation showed the following results:

  • Triple scaling reduction or no scale build-up (depends on the configuration)
  • Best solution for high-water cut. 1.5 times longer mean run-to-failure time in high-water-cut fluid
  • Energy-efficient. 20% less power consumption and good balance on high rpm due to its light weight
  • Reliable. No clogging, no plugging in fluid with high non-abrasive impurities
  • Cost-saving. Requires much less or none chemical treatment for long service life

See field trials and application results in the Case studies library

Pump series OD Nominal flow range Max head per stage Efficiency rate
362 3.62 in 189-943 bpd @60Hz 26.5 ft 36-59 %
92 mm 25- 125 m³/d @50Hz 5.6 m
406 4.06 in 453-5585 bpd @60Hz 26.9 ft 44-69 %
103 mm 60-740 m³/d @50Hz 5.7 m
Assembly types
  • Floating
  • Semi-compression
  • Compression
Design options
  • Abrasive-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Heat-resistant

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