INP Slim line

INP Slim line

Electrical submersible pump for oil wells
Stages material: Ni-Resist alloy and polymer

Our small-diameter electrical submersible pumping system is designed to operate in mature wells with restricted spaces in aggressive environment.

Now you can achieve the same or better returns when the well has already passed its growth phase, became deviated or reduced in size.

Delivering all the power and performance of a large ESP, it easily runs through limited zones and survives the toughest downhole conditions: corrosion, abrasion, low flow rate and high fluid viscosity.

JET Slim is a perfect solution for dual production when there are two submersible pumps in a wellbore. JET Slim widens opportunities for wells with complex completion schemes and limited space available.

  • Sustainability. You bring into production inactive idle oil wells
  • Higher productivity since you go down to side tracks
  • Reliable operation at frequent on-and-off switching due to stages light weight
  • Dual completion capability that accelerates production and reduces lifting costs
Pump series OD Nominal flow range Max head per stage Efficiency rate
272 2.72 in 226-377 bpd @60Hz 24.3 ft 49-50 %
69 mm 30- 60 m³/d @50Hz 7.4 m
Assembly types
  • Floating
  • Semi-compression
  • Compression
Design options
  • Abrasive-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Heat-resistant

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