Sand and solids

Nonabrasive solids like clay, plaster, carbon, asphaltenes and others with Mohs hardness up to 7 are easily handled by INP Hybrid pump system with polymer stages, so ESP does not get clogged or plugged due to smooth impeller surface, elasticity and low adhesiveness.

Hard and abrasive solids like sand, quartz and minerals and rocks first of all destroy axial and radial couplings due to excessive friction.

To protect the contacting pairs we use hard-alloy bearings and apply semi-compressive assembly, when ESP stages are assembled in groups (packages) by 8-12 pieces. So impellers’ motion along the shaft is restricted and the axial wear is reduced.

Since the package height is relatively small, the radial wear is reduced too.

Besides, our ESP systems are standardized and ready to be used with any external equipment of other manufacturers, focused on sand-management like sand traps, filters and other downhole de-sanding tools.
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