Scaling is usually associated with high water cut oil wells, but not limited to.
The dissolved salts can precipitate out of formation fluid due to pressure and temperature changes.

This causes scaling – mineral deposits, frequently accompanied by asphaltenes, that build up on oil production equipment.

If not treated or dealt with, it reduces oil production rates since the effective inner diameter becomes smaller. Downhole scale deposition reduces motor cooling capacity, blocks rotating parts of ESP and causes early failure.

Chemical treatment is a popular method to control scaling, but it has disadvantages since adds operational costs, requires careful selection due to numerous oil well factors.

Here we go another way – we do not prevent or remove scales, we prevent their deposition on the equipment.

We offer you our solution - ESP with polymer stages INP Hybrid line.

Polymer stages are as strong as a metal, but deliver low adhesive properties, so scales do not stick to the polymer surface.

Also polymer parts do not form a galvanic cell in the fluid and slow down the scale build-up rate.

Our INP Hybrid line with polymer stages increases ESP runlife, provides triple reduction in scale deposition rate and reduces power consumption due to light weight and even surface.
It’s efficiency is proved by successful operation in Russian oil fields, 80% of which are mature oil wells with high water cut and scaling.
Clean polymer surface after operation in scaly oil well
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