INP Standard line

INP Standard line

Electrical submersible pump for oil wells
Stages material: Ni-Resist alloy

INP Standard submersible pumps have been proved in more than 8,000 active wells, demonstrating reliable operation in challenging downhole environment.

The pump stages – both impeller and diffuser - are made of Ni-Resist alloy and perfectly handle abrasive and corrosive oil well fluid or sand ingress.


The premium stages design provides greater amount of flow and lift. That is why for the same total head our pumps require less number of stages.

That gives you advantages since greatly reduces maintenance and repair costs, makes the system more ‘maintenance-friendly’, makes it easy to install.

Pump series OD Nominal flow range Max head per stage Efficiency rate
362 3.62 in 189-943 bpd @60Hz 26.5 ft 36-59 %
92 mm 25- 125 m³/d @50Hz 5.6 m
406 4.06 in 453-5585 bpd @60Hz 26.9 ft 44-69 %
103 mm 60-740 m³/d @50Hz 5.7 m
535 5.35 in 4754-9811 bpd @60Hz 52.4 ft 66-75%
136 mm 630-1300 m³/d@50Hz 11,1 m
Assembly types
  • Floating
  • Semi-compression
  • Compression
Design options
  • Abrasive-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Heat-resistant

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