Electrical submersible motors

We produce two types of submersible motors – standard induction motors (asynchronous) and permanent magnet motors (synchronous) in three series – 406, 461 and 512 by housing OD, depending on customer needs and application.

Generally submersible motor is the powerhouse of the entire ESP system.

The cable supplies power to the motor, than the motor converts electric power to mechanical power, transferring the torque via motor shaft.

According to customer’s requirements we provide an adaptor at the bottom of the motor to connect it to downhole monitoring systems.
The motor casing can be plasma sprayed for excellent corrosion resistance.

The induction motors represent oil-filled three-phase two-pole electrical machines with squirrel cage and can be produced in one, two or three section design for basic or increased nominal voltage.

Unlike them permanent magnet motors design is based on permanent magnets, that interact with stator’s magnetic field. Therefore eliminating electrical losses in rotor and providing higher efficiency.

Induction motors
Series Motor OD Rated power Efficiency Max temperature
406 4.06 in 22-286 HP @50Hz 79.5 - 80% Standard - 120°C
Heat resistant - 150°C
Ultra heat resistant - 170°C
103 mm 19-252 kW @60Hz
461 4.61 in 30-490 HP @50Hz 84 - 85%
117 mm 26-432 kW @60Hz
512 5.12 in 30-680 HP @50Hz 82.5 - 85 %
130 mm 26-600 kW @60Hz
Permanent magnet motors
Series Motor OD Rated power Efficiency Max temperature
319 3.19 in 27-136 HP @50Hz 87 - 87.3% Standard - 120°C
Heat resistant - 150°C
81 mm 24-120 kW @60Hz
461 4.61 in 14-340 HP @50Hz 89.4 – 93 %
117 mm 12-300 kW @60Hz
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