Motor Seals

Motor Seals

Electrical submersible motor protectors

Motor seal protects the inflow of wellbore fluid to submersible oil-filled electrical motor and equalize the pressure between the inner part of the motor and the wellbore fluid.

It compensates oil thermal expansion working as an expansion chamber, absorbs the thrust load from the pump shaft and provides for oil cooling.

Basing on individual well conditions we offer .

  • one or more bag type positive seals
  • labyrinth protector designs
  • protectors with thrust bearings to carry the axial thrust

Made in 272, 362, 406 and 449 series by housing OD.

Induction motors
Series OD Max motor power Max temperature
272 2.72 in 136 HP @50Hz Standard - 120°C
Heat resistant - 150°C
Ultra heat resistant - 170°C
69 mm 120 kW @60Hz
362 3.62 in 150-476 HP @50Hz
92 mm 132 - 420 kW @60Hz
406 4.06 in 299 - 476 HP @50Hz
103 mm 264 – 420 kW @60Hz
449 4.49 in 490 – 680 @50Hz
114 mm 432- 600 @60Hz
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