Downhole sensors

Downhole sensors

Downhole monitoring system

We use many types of monitoring systems to control downhole parameters in real time mode and maximize efficiency of ESP operation. Instant information about pressure and temperature allow engineers to optimize production at once.

The downhole sensor is connected to the bottom of either induction motor or permanent magnet motor and gathers data of pump intake pressure, motor oil pressure, motor stator winding pressure, motor oil temperature, formation fluid flow rate and temperature, motor vibrations, power cable and motor insulation resistance.

The readings via motor power cable come to surface acquisition board and then after processing are transferred to a variable frequency drive.

This data helps you to adjust your ESP operation to dynamic downhole conditions, improve its performance and extend run life.
Some of the systems provide backup mode capability, which is activated automatically or by operator when the main set fails.

Besides, our ESP systems are standardized and ready to be used with any external equipment of other manufacturers, focused 
on downhole monitoring systems.
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